Saturday, 11 August 2012

Day 18 - Final weekend begins

Unusually, the penultimate day of the Olympics sees a slight rise in recording time compared to the falling times we've seen this week. 12 channels, 15 sports and 30 slots will total 95 hours and 10 minutes recording time and it's the last full day because tomorrow evening is dominated by the closing ceremony of course. This means we say goodbye to channel 13, which now has the usual "coverage has now concluded" message on its Now/Next data. pc1 tuner 3 seems to have revived itself today, so I've put the transponders back on it again.

In case you're wondering about disk space issues, it's looking fine - there's 1.4TB free on pc1 and 1.6TB free on pc2 which is no problem because recording is now under 400GB per day per PC. Today, I'll start preparing to turn pc2 back into recording my "normal" schedule from Monday onwards - remember that pc1 won't be recording post-Olympics because that will mostly be booted into my "serious" desktop (CentOS 6.3) that won't have tvheadend or XBMC (though I may run a VM with Ubuntu 12.04 for XBMC pointing to a second display - the 50" plasma).

I actually missed Ed McKeever's 200m kayak gold (but I did record it of course), making it our 26th gold and 59 medals in all. Although we have a lead of 10 golds over the Russian Federation, I think the Russians have an unassailable lead of 6 medals in total, placing them a solid 3rd in the fictional "sorted by total" medals table.

I was just looking at's schedules for the 24 channels for the next few days and noticed a couple of unusual things. Firstly, not only is the closing ceremony tomorrow only on channel 1, but it's broadcast on that channel without any commentary! This seems a poor decision because whilst BBC One HD will have commentary on its airing, that is scheduled to finish at 11.30pm, whereas BBC Olympics 1 HD will finish at 12.25am.

Now it might be 55 minutes of video of people leaving the stadium, but would it really kill the BBC to put a commentary version on BBC Olympics 2 HD as well? They did for the opening ceremony after all! Also, why are channels 1-24 actually broadcasting all day on Monday after the Olympics have finished and what will they broadcast? It can't be timetable video, because that's finished too :-)

An excellent 5000m run from Mo Farah meant he's now won both the 5000m and 10000m gold medal in the same Olympics, which is very hard to do because of the recovery time you need. Although it was a slow race, Farah positioned himself superbly in the final 2 laps to win GB's 27th gold medal and 60th medal in total. Note that the Russian Federation have closed the gap to GB to 6 golds and have beaten us to 3rd place on overall medals (their lead of 17 can't be overtaken).

Luke Campbell's win in the boxing was our 28th gold and 61st medal overall, although it was missed on BBC One HD thanks to the usual annoying athletics waffle. BBC One HD played it back in full recorded, but never admitted it wasn't live though! At least we now have a gap of 7 golds to the Russian Federation, which should just about be enough to keep us third in the medal table at the end of the Olympics.

Oh and well done to the USA for making it 100 medals in total today, not that anyone but you takes any notice whatsoever of that metric.

 Day 18 recording size: 635GB - grand total so far: 14511GB (14.2TB)

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