Friday, 10 August 2012

Day 17 - And now a late athletics start

There's usually been both a morning and afternoon athletics session, but today sees the first time where there's only an evening session with tonight's events starting at 18:50. It's also the first full day to dip below 100 hours recording time, with the today's figures reading 13 channels, 17 sports and 29 slots totalling 93 hours and 1 minute of recording time.

Note that yesterday's sailing that was abandoned yesterday because of no wind will take place today instead. I wonder what happens if there's no wind for the next 3 days though - is there any contingency plan to cope with this? Race with no wind or maybe award medals without a medal race?

I've been doubling up on recordings at the start of each day until tuner allocation eventually means I have to stop some or all of the double-ups. It's quite a good way of making sure that that the first few hours of recording won't be lost because of tuner issues (which always seem to happen in the first few hours of the recording day). Yep, just had another tuner issue this morning - pc1 tuner 3 showing "constant FEC" now and I've taken the transponders off it :-(

Although this brings me down to 6 working tuners again, it's not a major issue bcause we're down to 13 out of the 24 channels broadcasting and I can still do some double-ups. I think once the Olympics are over, I will temporarily try some other software (probably in Windows to eliminate tuner driver issues) and if that shows problems with the tuners too, then I'll have to RMA one or both of the sat cards (ideally one at a time, so I'm not left sat-less of course).

I thought Rudisha's 800m world record would be the best athletics performance of these Olympics, but the USA utterly smashing the women's 4x100m world record has actually surpassed it. The old world record of 41.37 was set 27 years ago by the German Democratic Republic and no-one has come close to it since the USA got to within 0.10s almost exactly 15 years ago. Tonight saw a stunning time of 40.82 - a massive 0.55 seconds (1.33%) better! Rudisha's world record was only 0.10 seconds (0.10%) better.

Terrestrial BBC dropped the athletics like a hot potato as soon as the last track event had finished as usual and it was back to BBC Olympics 1 HD for me again. Terrestrial viewers didn't get to see the women's 4x100m medal ceremony, some interviews or the end of the men's pole vault (though it was already won by the time they left).
Day 17 recording size: 535GB - grand total so far: 13876GB (13.6TB)

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