Monday, 6 August 2012

Day 13 - Not a Manic Monday

After all the athletics hoo-har at the weekend, it's almost like a day of rest today, with only 16 channels, 22 sports, 41 slots and the lowest recording hours for a full day by a long way: 132 hours and 59 minutes. It's also the first full day not to have any 7+ hour slots, for which we can be mightily grateful for. I got my Tesco grocery delivery at 11.30am - everything turned up with no subs, plus two bottles of white wine I hadn't even ordered! Some poor soul is going to be boozeless today, but the irony is that I don't drink alcohol at all, so my sister's going to benefit instead, assuming Tesco don't try to get them back from me :-)

I installed the latest tvheadend late last night on pc2 and it has new EPG options for various grabbers, including OpenTV (Sky) and Freesat. I enabled the Freesat and EIT grabbers, but sadly only the Now/Next info seemed to appear. A bug with not remembering the "remove unsafe chars from filename" option has at least been fixed though.

During my normal pre-recording tests, I tried out pc2's 4th tuner and it surprisingly seemed to work now, albeit with one of the transponders reporting a signal issue. To play it safe, I'm not planning to use it today, but I might try enabling it briefly at some point today to see if I can get all 6 transponders reporting an OK status. It makes me wonder if the older version of tvheadend (still running on pc1) had a tuning bug that's been fixed now, with the bug giving the appearance of a non-working tuner.

Is it just me or is the morning BBC Olympics coverage on BBC One HD just pants? Unless there's a sport with a Brit involved, they don't show any live sport for up to 2 hours, instead wallowing in the previous day's Brit efforts (replaying stuff, having any Brit medallists and pundits to gab on and on about it). Remember that Olympics coverage on the 24 channels has generally started at around 8.25am and yet it can be beyond 10.00am on some days before we actually see some live sport on BBC One HD. Remember that there's two evening highlights programmes (Olympics Tonight and Olympic Sportsday) that people can watch to catch up on what happened, so the next morning should be live sports from 8.30am onwards really.

Decided to try pc2 tuner 4 this afternoon for the first time in a while, because it was showing signs of life before recording started this morning and didn't seem to produce any errors when I assigned a recording channel to it later on. I've only assigned one transponder to pc2 tuner 4 for the moment as a precaution (yes, it's got an OK status).

It was a very tense team showjumping competition today with a jump-off that GB won to get their 17th gold medal of the Games and that restores the 6 gold lead that we had overnight against South Korea.

BBC terrestrial HD channels may have completely missed live coverage of Jason Kenny's cycling gold (our 18th gold)! They moved the velodrome action to BBC Two in SD to make way for the news on BBC One HD, had an obscure Japan vs. France women's football match on BBC Three/BBC HD and even the last chance for Freeview HD, red button 301 (in HD on 304) was a GB basketball group match!

I recorded it on BBC Olympics 5 HD, which appears to have been the only live HD coverage on the BBC - perhaps the biggest HD channel allocation mess-up of the Olympics so far? To add insult to injury, Kenny's medal ceremony was also only live in SD on terrestrial (BBC Two again) - this time a Brazil/Poland beach volleyball match on red button 301 (SD)/304 (HD) was considered a more important use of precious terrestrial HD Olympics coverage.

The Now/Next system collapsed on pc2 today just as about 10 recording slots were due to start in the space of 10 minutes (just before 19:00) on the two PCs. I suspect it's got to be something to do with the update of tvheadend, but it meant frantic manual creation of 6 or 7 manual slots on pc2 to complete the evening's recordings.

Luckily, I have a tuner allocation file created by a program for each day, so I could cross-check that all the sports were covered. I also added the remaining 5 transponders to pc2 tuner 4's configuration (meaning we're back to up to 16 simul channels on pc2) and put most of the remaining evening slots on pc2.

After a reboot of pc2 when recording finished for the evening, the Now/Next stuff seemed OK (it may have been options I had been fiddling with in the EPG config of tvheadend during the day). I've now turned off getting any Freesat EPG - that can wait until the Olympics finish - and also installed the latest tvheadend on pc1 as well - both seem to have working Now/Next at least.

I've replaced the first disk in pc1 (which had about 30GB left out of 2.8TB-ish) with a fresh empty one - I could have replaced both, but it's quick to do at any time really. Before you ask, pc1 tuner 4 still isn't working after the tvheadend upgrade :-(

Day 13 recording size: 807GB - grand total so far: 11174GB (10.9TB)

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