Saturday, 7 July 2012

BBC official terrestrial/satellite tuning pages

A quick wander around the BBC site has found a couple of pages relating to tuning your terrestrial and satellite channels for BBC coverage (of the Olympics in our case).

First up is a pretty dismal list of the Freeview BBC channel numbers. No mention of any technical info such as the multiplex numbering/frequencies because these all vary from region to region of course. What's even worse for Olympics viewers is that channels 302 (a temporary SD red button channel for the Olympics) and 304 (a temporary HD version of red button channel 301) aren't even listed, despite both of them having test transmissions right now.

It gets even worse with the satellite list which, whilst it does have the frequency info required for manual tuning, completely fails to list the 5 "BBC Interactive" SD channels (which have been available for years!). They should be listed in the DSAT 7 section, but it also doesn't help that the BBC have given them numerical service names 6711 to 6715 rather than proper channel names either! Also note the complete lack of the various SD and HD Olympics test channels that have sprung up in the past few weeks. Still, despite this, it may be worth revisiting this satellite list regularly to see if the BBC can be bothered to update it.

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