Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Satellite and aerial install completed

I now have two 60cm satellite dishes  - standard Sky-style quad LNB black mesh pointing at Astra 28.2E - and two terrestrial aerials (each pointing to two different TV regions) attached to the two chimney stacks on my roof. I took a day off work to supervise the install and was happy with the job, which took under 5 hours on Monday 11th June (no heavy wind or rain luckily!).

The installation cost was £525 and the (10!) cables are now plugged into the 2 PCs (5 into the first PC, 5 into the second PC). I spent quite a lot of time allocating channels on the 6 tuners (4 sat, 2 aerial) on one of the PCs, so that I could watch the England match in HD of course. Discovered that ITV4 HD and Channel 5 HD are disgracefully encrypted on satellite, which is galling when the SD versions of those channels are unencrypted on both the terrestrial and satellite platforms! Luckily, neither channel are broadcasting Olympics stuff (though the odd C5 news bulletin might feature something).

The final three (out of eight!) 3TB Seagate hard drives arrived for the expensive PC setup, so all the expensive setup hardware is now done and dusted. Just a sofa and a couple of leather computer chairs to get...

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