Friday, 20 April 2012


This is a new guide to recording the London 2012 Olympics that I've dubbed "Olymprecs". It's primarily targeted at a UK audience of course, but some of the info could apply to non-UK readers. Please start at the Introduction page and work your way through - pages will be regularly updated as I set up my recording environment at home, so please return each week to see how I'm progressing!

96 days to go at the time of this posting (note: first events start on 25th July 2012 - 2 full days before the Opening Ceremony!) and, yes, I have 25 Jul-12 Aug off work before you ask...


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  2. Not that I know of - the UK TV licensing system allows personal recording of UK broadcast TV - it's technically illegal to make a second copy and give it to someone else or to put the recordings on the Net, but if you keep the recordings to yourself, it's fine. Otherwise, every single person in the UK with any TV recording device could be prosecuted!